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Public Housing Authorities

Tracking At-A-Glance® is a versatile case management and performance tracking software that has been implemented across various markets. Its flexibility allows for easy customization and configuration to meet the specific needs of each client, grant, or program.

TAAG is a recognized leader in case management and performance tracking software for housing agencies. TAAG is so versatile that it has been used to track public housing and Housing Choice Voucher residents alike, and report on the diverse metrics of different programs.

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BridgeEze is a versatile case management and performance tracking tool that can be used in any non-profit agency. It improves agency efficiency in daily tasks such as conducting intakes, making referrals, and documenting case notes. It can be configured to track Offender Re-Entry Programs that provide job placement, counseling, and family restoration services to transition ex-offenders back into society. Using BridgeEze, these agencies can measure and report on the outcomes of their program. Providing tangible results to their funders often leads to gaining more financial support. BridgeEze can be utilized to track other programs such as Maternity and Adoption, Foster Grandparents, and even Migration and Refugee Services. In all cases, SocialBridge Technologies provides the solutions that users need to document their services and track their success.

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Domestic Violence

BridgeEze streamlines data management so it’s easier and faster for survivors to get the assistance they need. We understand it’s imperative that your organization has the right tools to assist a victim in getting out of their situation and into a safe environment as quickly as possible.

When caseworkers and staff in your organization can access the information they need, they’re better equipped to understand the service recipients and provide them with the help they desperately need. Whether it begins with a hotline call, a referral from the authorities or another non-profit, or the arrival of a client in an emergency housing location, the outcome depends on your organization’s ability to assess the situation and provide quick support. The more efficient the process, the quicker your service recipients will be able to take control of their situation.

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With societal integration as the ultimate end-goal, re-entry programs play a pivotal role in addressing the post-incarceration challenges. We understand designing, implementing, and tracking these programs can pose significant logistical challenges. BridgeEze serves as a guardian of re-entry efforts, centralizing crucial information and simplifying resource allocation to foster efficient monitoring of progress towards societal reintegration.

The software threads connections across disparate datasets, efficiently coordinating reintegration efforts. It keeps vital resources at the forefront, such as employment referrals, housing solutions, mentoring programs, and health services. Consequently, the journey to successful societal integration becomes smoother, with lower recidivism, forged through the path of comprehensive digital management. BridgeEze is helping reduce recidivism and change more lives.

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Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied minors stand at a tender intersection where vigilant tracking of wellbeing is of paramount importance. Ensuring their safety, tracking educational progress, and managing living arrangements demand a unifying solution that consolidates all information. Our software fits this bill, transforming potential chaos into seamless information handling.

Our services do not stop at data consolidation, but also encourage informed decision making by presenting comprehensive assessments. These tools prove invaluable when coordinating with other agencies, legal entities, and foster homes to ensure minors’ wellbeing. The digital solution provided assures a high standard of care for each child, becoming the beacon of trust in child welfare management.

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Disaster Recovery

Post-disaster management is a race against time in the face of overwhelming logistical demands. Instantaneous response, strategic resource orchestration, and survivor well-being monitoring necessitate a solution that supports swift decision-making. BridgeEze deftly synchronizes disaster recovery initiatives and quick relief activities.

Designed to manage resources efficiently, BridgeEze permits disaster recovery agencies to adapt to rapidly evolving scenarios. From tracking survivors to managing relief supplies, volunteers, and donations, the software becomes the nerve center of effective disaster management. Its primary aim is to reduce the distance between relief efforts and the affected individuals, rapidly bridging the gap between disaster and recovery.

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Disability Services

Providing disability services involves managing complex navigation systems rich with individual care plans and wellbeing reports while being empathetic and sensitive to the needs of the disabled. Proper management process requires the removal of operational complexity, thus allowing caregivers to concentrate on their core purpose: exceptional client care. Leveraging BridgeEze’s refined capabilities paves the way to achieve this essential objective.

Whether it’s medical appointment scheduling, therapeutic progress tracking, managing guardian communication, or billing integration, the software wraps all functions into a user-friendly interface. By simplifying operational intricacies, the platform places the caregiver and service recipient needs at the heart of its system, reinforcing a service-oriented perspective.

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Grants Management

We understand the intricacies of grant management can be overwhelming and daunting. BridgeEze organizes the multiple stages of sourcing, managing and reporting to simplify this process. BridgeEze appears as a beacon of light.

BridgeEze manages every stage of the grant lifecycle. By offering detailed, stage-specific insights, it turns grant management from a formidable task to an orderly, effective process, ensuring each grant opportunity is utilized to its fullest potential. Empowered with a robust tracking system, all elements of grant management, from sourcing to delivery, are captured seamlessly. The stage-specific detailed tracking ensures every opportunity is maximized and every project oversight is minimized. In spirit, it transforms the grant management process from a strenuous activity into a well-ordered and effectual operation, placating every stakeholder involved.

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Senior Services

The responsibility of serving seniors demands a sensitive hand. From managing health records to tracking daily living conditions and activities, every detail deserves attention. BridgeEze offers a unified platform for these diverse needs, reinventing efficiency in senior service provision.

With features for centralizing health records, managing living choices, scheduling activities, and managing family communication, BridgeEze alleviates cumbersome management processes. You can shift your focus to optimal care delivery, embodying the principles of respect, dignity, and compassion.

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Workforce Development

BridgeEze assists agencies with meeting the needs of job seekers and improving relationships with prospective employers. BridgeEze allows users to monitor the progress of job seekers, from referrals to training, to employment counseling and job interviews. One of the system’s unique features is the ability for prospective employers to search for a list of possible candidates using the Search Placement feature. Employers can search the database and view uploaded resumés of qualified candidates who may meet their requirements based on information entered on a service recipient’s skills, education, and language. This establishes communication between the agency and prospective employers. With multiple reporting options, users can easily run reports on job placement, retention milestones, salary increases, Section 3 employment, and many other data elements. BridgeEze also features a robust workforce development module that tracks employer information, contacts, job orders, and interview progress for service recipients in the database.