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An Innovative Solution to Engage Your Service Recipients

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MyBridgeEze cloud-based portal reflects our continued development of innovative solutions to the increasing need for efficiency in public service administration. MyBridgeEze portal enables service recipients to access, modify, and update their case files individually, heightening their engagement, and giving them a sense of empowerment. Active participation not only increases their accountability and involvement but also serves in reducing the administrative burden.

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Increase Participation in Process

Participants can promptly enter and revise their information while gaining access to crucial resources and applying for services directly. The virtual wallet feature enables users to upload and store relevant documents, such as photo IDs and paystubs, and choose who they share this data with. Moreover, user information is seamlessly integrated with BridgeEze, allowing admins to generate ad hoc reports as needed.

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Giving Time Back to Your Staff

On the administrative side, MyBridgeEze allows experienced staff to focus on more strategic and critical tasks rather than routine data updates. In short, MyBridgeEze represents a proactive stride towards creating a more balanced, efficient, and engaging environment for both service recipients and administrators in public service management.

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Seeing is Believing

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Our Clients Tell Our Story

An Incredible Partner: Responsive and Knowledgeable

“Designing Success, now SocialBridge, has been an incredible partner to work with over the years. We’ve worked with them closely and they have been unfailingly responsive and knowledgeable. When we’ve had an idea about new ways to help our community members, they found a way to make it happen. They’ve continued to bring on incredible staff and provide unparalleled service. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

Adam Fordham
Technology Specialist
Salt Lake County Housing & Community Development

Superior Software, Real-time Data

“TAAG has been a great tool for our FSS case managers to track their client progress and for management to pull accurate, real-time data. The staff has gone above and beyond to help us navigate the software and answer any questions that come up.”

Emily Dixon
FSS Program Manager
Vancouver Housing Authority

Exceptional Customer Service, Ready to Assist

“My program has been using TAAG software for the past four years. In response to the software services, I want to compliment their tech support for outstanding customer service. Using telephone or email messages to reach out for tech support, I have always received quick responses. Their team is ready to assist you.” 

Ann Benson
Program Director
Independence Housing Authority (MO)

Software Simplifies Reporting and Enhances Connections

“Tracking At-A-Glance® (TAAG), has been beneficial for the PRHA Resident Services Department. It has simplified the reporting for Job Plus and Family Self Sufficiency. The system has enhanced our connections with the resident through the text and email features. The case management has increased. The staff has been very helpful. TAAG provides suitable training resources for new staff and refresher training in their systems. The program is user-friendly.”

Danisha Harper
Case Manager
Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority (VA)

A Game-Changing Tool for Streamlined Assistance

“I would recommend “Designing Success”, now SocialBridge Technologies, and TAAG software to everyone. These tools have been a game-changer for us and our partner agencies, enabling us to provide crucial daily support more efficiently. Our previous outdated system paled in comparison to TAAG’s capabilities – it allows us to keep comprehensive notes and communicate seamlessly with partners. The responsive support from the team has been fantastic.”

Jason Pearson
Project Manager
NYC Housing Preservation & Development

Empowering Case Management with Unmatched Capabilities

“Designing Success Tracking At-A-Glance® (TAAG) Software has been my absolute favorite case management tool. I have used it for 20 years. It is user-friendly and specific to the case manager’s and/or the supervisor’s needs. Everything is trackable, customizable and searchable. Reports for your participants, your supervisors or your boards are quick and easy to create.”

Rene Tarver
Family Self Sufficiency and Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Programs
Subject Matter Expert (SME)

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